One main reason of Arash Trans industrial group success is due to implementing, maintaining and improving in national and international standards.

Arash trans  laboratory and quality control department with a high experience of lighting and having the most powerful equipments and technical staff is  guaranteeing  our success  and also is one of the main part of our company in order to fulfilling the goals of our company .

Arash Trans Laboratory in 2007 has been received a license of partners Laboratory from Iran Standards and Industrial Research organizations, our cooperation is  in all mandatory safety tests on magnetic ballasts of fluorescent lamps and  gas lamps , in addition of testing energy label  of Magnetic and electronic ballasts .


Laboratory and quality control department of our company in order to satisfy customers is doing the following activities:

1) Perform all safety tests, performance and energy label on magnetic ballast, according to national standards of   700-1,700-2, 3827, 7644-1, 7644-2-8, 7644-2-9, 10759

2) Our lab with the completion of all necessary equipments is doing all safety tests, functional and high-power electronic tags according to national standards 6195, 6196, 7644-1, 7644- 2-3 and 10759

3) Recruiting and employing qualified staff in laboratories and constant enhances in the skills and performance

4) Constant trying in the implementation of ISO 9000 quality management system and ISO17025 in management system of laboratory

5) Using the latest standards in test of product and doing test of designing in different type and periodically is the main reason of our customers’ preference in cooperation with our lab.  All standards departments, customs, and inspection companies and lot of manufacturers are our laboratory clients.

6) Doing constant researches, consulting in the areas of lighting, advice to manufacturers who are co-applicant for the standard logo, in order to adapt their products with the standards required, strong relationship with the active centers of the Committee on Standards, Institute of Energy, Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SABA), active laboratories in the field of lighting and academic centers. . .

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