Arash Trans co founded in 1980, Located in Tehran, our three factories are located in difference part of Iran. We are one of the largest manufacturers of electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent, high pressure Sodium , high pressure mercury and metal halide Lamps , and also we are main manufacturer of EI, TU, UI, lamination for trans and transformators in addition, we are specializing in  Electromechanical Arm actuator for  swing gates openers(Soha motor)  in our country.

Our Company, devotes itself to the research and development of product technology, has its own professional work team and control board manufacturing plant, which keeps it up to the top advanced technology of the world. All the materials used accord with the European CE approvals, and follow the latest international standard such as IEC,DIN,VDE,BS,etc,  Together with abundant experience and perfect service, Arash trans group has become a famous brand in Iran  and around the world as well.

Our products feature Safety, Reliability and Durability with innovative technologies, timely resistance detection, etc. With professional manufacturing and reasonable price, the sales keep ahead in domestic market and are increasing rapidly and stably in the international market as well. 




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    Address: 2’nd east floor , No.297,Vahid Dastgerdi (Zafar) , Tehran, Iran